This website is dedicated to the care and feeding of my latest and greatest acquisiton to date, a 1971 BMW 1600 Voll Cabriolet.  I saw this car on a website in the Netherlands of all places and thought to myself, this would be a very fun car to own.  I have always been interested in the Cab models of the BMW 1600 and 2002, but never could find one that suited my needs.  The Voll or Full cabriolet was a particular favorite of mine, but these were very hard to source in the U.S. and those I did find were either in museums or on their way to the junkyard.

Several people have inquired about buying it.  Like the rest of my toys, everything is for sale, for the right price  I'm always open to interesting offers.  Call or e-mail me if you have additional questions, Mark Stumm at (858) 663-9805,
Its new home in San Diego, CA
The car in the Netherlands
Part of the reason for creating this website was to provide an outlet for my need to share the joy and frustration one experiences during the ownership of these automobiles.  I have owned seven 2002's over the years and have a story to tell about each one, some good, some bad.  I also wanted to share my experiences with acquiring and importing a car from overseas.  Hopefully, my journal can help someone else find their dream car.  Lastly, like any proud owner, I needed a placeholder to show off the pictures of my new "baby".  I promise not to bore you too much.

I first saw the car advertised in the classified ads on  First off, you don't see a lot of 1600 full cabriolets on the market, and hardly any in my favorite color, Polaris Silver.  The only issue, the car was in the Netherlands and I live in San Diego.  I also had the issue of already owning a beautiful 1976 Polaris BMW 2002 which was already in my last remaining garage slot.  It didn't exactly fit the no-brainer category.

On a whim, I e-mailed the owner, Lauren Manders about the car's availability.  I was hoping that the location of the car in Europe had discouraged most of the U.S. collectors and I would have a shot at fullfilling a dream.  It turned out the car was still available and Lauren directed me to his website
(Mandes Autogas) for more pictures of the car,  Last time I checked, he had a couple of the Baur Cabriolets and some very nice turbos and Alpina models for sale.

After reviewing those pictures, it was time to "get serious", or get off the pot.  I contact Lauren and asked him to provide me with a series of photographs reflecting various areas of the car and a list of references in the U.S.
Lauren was very helpful with every stage of this transaction.  I contacted his references and they gave him glowing reviews.  He took pictures of every aspect of the car and followed up on all of my questions.

We negotiated on the price for a while, but in the end, I got a fair price without any buyer's remorse. I must admit, there was some leap of faith aspects to this transaction.  Especially, wiring money to a foriegn bank halfway across the world to a perfect stranger for a car you have never seen.  But I have done stupider things, just ask me.
The Rest of the Story...
This website is a work in progress, stay tuned for the next chapter in this saga.